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A native of Miami, FL, David moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2007 after an invaluable internship with NFL Films in New Jersey. Scouring against the grain as a researcher and persistently pitching and executing new ideas with producers, David parlayed his hard work by landing a position with NFL Media. As producer/editor he helped relaunch NFL.com's video on demand and live streaming content into a $500 million annual revenue earning machine. 

If opportunity ever presents itself, David would have you know seizing it is his most valuable trait. Within two year's time he blossomed into NFL Media's lead one-man band videographer. He wouldn't mind telling you his camera work has also been featured on ESPN, HBO's Hard Knocks, and commercial platforms. Since 2014 he has devoted much of his time to episodic features, scouring for talent on series' such as Planet Lakers, producing/shooting for the Emmy Award winning NFL Up! and editing/post-production for the Emmy Award winning Lakers Top 10.

While the pigskin will always be a part of David's life, his creative juices are percolating off the field. On any given off day, you can find him camera in hand framing up captivating slices of life, featured on his IG handle @readygopictures.

David is passionate about espresso (and his wife's coffee shop SHREEBS COFFEE), photography (insatiable addiction to high quality glass), and telling story through picture (he loves the adage "a picture is worth a thousand words"). 

The function of the artist is to provide what life does not.” - Tom Robbins

All photos by David Benhaim

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Hi Mom!